Hot Rod Italia by Lombarda Diesel, based in Brescia, it is a factory specialized in the import, sale and maintenance pickup and vintage American cars.

Import and sale

Continuative contacts with importers and the habit to travel overseas offers us the chance to be privileged intermediaries for those who want to import Pick-Up or vintage cars Made in USA.


The car of series results to be the starting point to arrive at a car as close as possible to the needs of its own, both in terms of performance and from the aesthetic point of view.


Restoration is an art and return the U.S. vehicles to its former glory, for us is a passion. A meticulous work, often the result of a profound search for understanding the spirit of the creators.

Customer care

HOT ROD ITALIA by Lombarda Diesel comes from the fifty years old experience of a mechanics’ family whose strong points are devotion and work care.


Below is a selection of top brands of cars American treated: Chevrolet, Cadillac, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Chrysler, Buick, Pontiac, Lincoln, Cheyenne e altri.

Our values

Hot Rod Italian born from the fifty-year tradition of Lombard Diesel, a family of mechanics that by dedication and care in labor has made its own strength. Support our customers through the commitment the way to go as close as possible to the needs of the owner of every vehicle that passes in our factory, both in terms of performance and from the aesthetic point of view, is a key value in a business as our. Combined with a sane passion for this genre.


Our factory, our customizations, our history: in these images you will find everything that distinguishes us.




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Hot Rod Italia by Lombarda Diesel

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P. IVA 01551970989

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