"The experience that changed my way of being a mechanic occurred in the United States when I took part in the great 50’s and 60’s car exhibitions and saw hotrod great men’s deeds…

"..when I used to wander through California I had the opportunity to visit well-known firms, such as So.Cal-LaMonn, where I could meet influential people such as Boyd Coddington, John d’Agostino and the legendary George Barris who taught me that it’s impossible being part of this world without a sincere passion for cars.”

Hot Rod Italia comes from the tradition of Lombarda Diesel by Manenti family who, for three generations, produce great mechanical expertise.
Giorgio Manenti has transformed what was a classical mechanical workshop in a laboratory in constant turmoil, and specialized in spare parts for pick-up U.S., but especially in the restoration and the development of legendary American cars: Chevrolet, Cadillac, Dodge, Ford, Chrysler and other well-known brands.

Over the years the factory has become a point of reference for both amateur enthusiasts to the restoration of classic cars that can see ongoing operations lowering, chopping and sectioning, both fans of the grains pickup Americans Giorgio Manenti found in a contact is responsible when it comes to buying half the U.S. market and then imported into Italy, and for the recovery of original spare parts and repair.

To be always updated and informed of the news on the hotrod and custom are frequent trips to America by the great Giorgio Manenti the Hot Rod and at major carmakers, verifying at the strength and power of the new Ford SUV rather that Dodge or Chevrolet, with an eye to the Chevy brand (from Chevrolet, for the less experienced). But the presence at the Italian car rallies, to understand what makes your colleagues and friends of the Hot Rod ours, with an eye to the activities of the V8 american car club and Rut66 american car club Padova.

The result of this research are the photographs on our site documenting some of the more interesting customizations, processes and restoration work that have most intrigued Giorgio and HotRodItalia. Images that become the best card to talk about the restoration and development work in progress in our workshop as well as what has been done as customizations-light on pick-up new Americans, why do not mean hot rod become the car an untouchable museum piece, but it is the most sincere way to live one's means.